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Aaliyah has progressed really well. She has started interacting with others more and is beginning to express herself more. Aaliyah is able to name simple colours and shapes.

Matylda's Mum

Since new management, I have seen the following: - Parents are allowed into the nursery - Information boards - Better handover - More activities - Better parent-teachers communication - More educational activities

Elizabeth and Mary's Mom

Since new manager has arrived, Elizabeth and Mary learning has increased. For instance, Elizabeth can count her number using fingers very well, also she can write the letter that starts her name, more recognised of numbers an letters. Mary also speaks well, make her own sentences in correct ways. counting number, singing rhymes, letter even on her own. Thank you teacher and new manager. June 2018

Jaydon's Dad

Jaydon, Prior to joining the nursery was a bit clingy but now he's become sociable, says hello to everyone. He knows his numbers and alphabets, talks more with people and looks forward to nursery. He identifies things very well and always asks questions. June 2018