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We strongly recommend them.
Deisi G (Mother of Child)

My boys really loved going there! They developed all their skills tremendously while attending Bright Sojourner. My husband and I were really pleased with their services. We strongly recommend them. October 2018

C Scodro

This brand new nursery has a very home-from-home feeling. It has bright colours and it looks clean. The baby room is separate from the main open space, where older kids plays and explore the world. They have a perfect location, very close to transport sand convenienet to Old Kent Road. They also offer pretty long hours (7.30am to 6.30pm, which is a plus). The soft concrete garden at the back is on the compact size, but children can definitely enjoy fresh air there. April 2018

M Khanom

I like the nursery because staff and management are well trained and the place is clean and also since my son has moved there he is doing much better with his learning and development as staff doing the best to research new idea and activities to meet the children needs.Ms Helen, the Manager of the nursery is so helpful that if I raise any concern about my child’s learning she promptly suggests ideas that can help with his learning.As a working parent the nature of my working pattern changes within short notice of time however Ms Helen understands my need very well and allows him to stay longer on those days.Every week there is a set learning objectives that older children should meet and the key person always there to support them.I can not thank enough to the nursery for their enormous support for my Saihaan’s development.As a parent to see my child going to the nursery happily and coming back with a beautiful smile is enough for me to understand that he’s getting something good there.I will recommend this nursery to all of parents, carers around the borough it is a small place but got a good value and quality. October 2018

Highly recommended
I. Situ

I have seen a lots of development in Ethan. He is able to identify colours and he talks more about the weather. He says ''mummy its sunny'' He also talks about the days of the week, sometimes he says ''mummy its Monday!''